Safety First. Tele-Vac is focused on the safety at our workforce. This is demonstrated in everything we do, from the start of the day on the job with our morning tool-box-talk, to providing high quality safety education and total management support. Our culture is defined by our people taking personal responsibility for their safety and the safety of their co-workers.

At Tele-Vac , we truly believe one accident is too many. That’s why our company is built on a solid safety foundation that would match the foundation of any structure we build. Our focus has been helping our employees utilize solid safety processes that we have established as a company – processes that allow our employees to work safely. Training, planning, proper selection and use of PPE and equipment; learning to make the correct safety decisions; and having the right and responsibility to stop any unsafe operations are just a few of the safety processes our employees use every day. They understand that one accident is too many at Tele-Vac.

Tele-Vac complies with all federal and state safety regulations (e.g. maintaining written programs, ensuring that all required training is complete, providing necessary safety equipment, facilitating safety meetings, conducting jobsite inspections, maintaining equipment in safe condition, etc). However, we believe it’s the things we do beyond government requirements that show how committed we truly are to providing a safe workplace.

Our employees are like family which is one of the many reasons why we don’t take any shortcuts when creating a safe work environment for our employees, our clients and the general public. There is no room for compromise. We are committed to complete adherence to all safety regulations and evironmental laws. We recognize our responsibility to both human life and the environment.

Our safety policies and practices include:

• An overall Company Safety Program incorporated into the New Hiring Process
• Weekly Safety Meetings for all superintendents and field employees
• Zero Tolerance Policy regarding the use of cell phones and texting while on job sites or while driving or operating machinery.
• Random Drug and Alcohol Testing on a Quarterly Basis
• Employees receive OSHA certification training as well as First Aid and CPR.
• Injury/Incident Reporting and Investigation



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