Flexibility. It’s just one more word to aptly describe Tele-Vac Environmental.

Our Hydro-Excavation process cuts through excavating problems without cutting through wires…. Hydro-Excavating (sometimes called “hydro-trenching, “potholing” or “soft digging”) employs an ultra-high pressure water and a powerful vacuum source to excavate an impressive variety of soil types and is incredibly effective for applications where the ground is hard or compacted. Hydro-Excavating is commonly used for pot holing, slot-trenching and pipe location. This method of excavation is far less invasive, minimizing any risk of doing damage to buried fiber optic lines, cables, gas lines or other utilities and pipelines which might contain hazardous and toxic substances.

Hydro-Excavation is less labor-intensive than outmoded methods of digging. There is far less disruption of the surrounding area because less ground is moved or otherwise disrupted. Soil is vacuumed directly from the ground to our truck, resulting in minimal airborne dirt and debris. If you are dealing with Clean Water Act issues at your site, hydro-excavation is the premier technology available for adhering to the standards involving blowing and runoff.    


Need to dig but don’t want to dig and risk tens of thousands of dollars of unnecessary, stressful property? Tele-Vac Hydro-Excavation is the ideal method to choose if you need to dig without risk. Don’t unnecessarily drive your costs up! Hydro-Excavation is perfect when backhoes cannot access your site or when shoveling doesn’t offer the necessary precision or is otherwise risky and labor-intensive. Pipeline Inspection Services, Inc. uses remarkably pressurized water to open the hole, and then pair that with flowing air to simultaneously vacuum away the material you want removed. It’s an extraordinary tandem. Our Hydro-Excavation technology is faster, cleaner and greener than older, less effective methods of conventional digging. We can safely work around petroleum and chemical pipelines without incident.

When you need precision workmanship that doesn’t compromise quality, you need TELEVAC! When you require environmentally sound methods when opening up earth near dangerous gas, electrical, communication, water and other utilities, you need Tele-Vac on the scene and doing the job right!!



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