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Tele-Vac Environmental is the environmental contractor of choice to the industries and communities we serve. Our name, Tele-Vac Environmental, represents integrity and professionalism with each of our team members committed to environmental excellence.

As a professional sewer company in Cincinnati, Tele-Vac Environmental is qualified to provide complete service and analysis, utilizing the most advanced equipment available, along with a full staff of trained professionals with over 250 combined years of experience.

Established in 1991, Tele-Vac Environmental is a dynamic and ever-growing company utilizing the best in television inspection equipment (TVIE). Specializing in television inspection, hydro-jet cleaning, hydro-excavating, CIP Pipe Patch for repairing sewer pipes, sewer testing and grouting

Tele-Vac Environmental services some of this Nation’s largest and oldest utility systems, of which, make up this “Crumbling Infrastructure” of sewers and other pipeline systems.

Tele-Vac Environmental provides a wide range of sewer contracting, inspection, and rehabilitation services. Many of America’s oldest pipeline systems are in Tele-Vac’s target region of operations. Our company’s growth is a good indicator that our business model is a success, and with our quality of service and knowledgeable staff we will continue to do our part in improving America’s aging infrastructure.

Our name, Tele-Vac Environmental, will always represent integrity and professionalism. Each team member is committed to environmental excellence.

Outstanding Service

Quality is the standard for all our services, both internal and external. We conduct ourselves with professionalism and integrity in all matters.

Safety and Compliance

There is never room for compromise with safety. We are committed to complete adherence to all safety regulations and evironmental laws. We recognize our responsibility to both human life and the environment.

Quality of Life

Our employees, clients and vendors are valuable assets to our company. We appreciate their worth and treat them with dignity and respect.


Continual improvement of all services, equipment and knowledge is vital. We meet the needs of both internal and external clients with the highest quality technology and expertise available.


Our success is a direct result of everyone working as a team. We recognize the value of each function, as well as the individual performing the task.


Commitment to our vision ensures success in quality service, solid business relationships and profitability.

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Tele-Vac is your source for complete sewer systems service and evaluation.

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